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    Money kumar


    Thank you God Bless you
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    Atif Hussain


    nice bro
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    Money kumar


    Thank you
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    My WowApp review

    Wowapp is an extremely good app, it is easy in handling.
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    Tom Peace

    WowApp Algorithm

    From what I have read, understood and observed so far, Wowapp algorithm could be working like this: Let's say there is 100 Wowcoins generated by user A from advertising, these Wowcoins should be distributed in this pattern: 30 to WowApp 20 to the user A who generated these WowCoins Remaining 50 Wowcoins are distributed to the chain of people who invited the user A: User 1 (who invited user A) gets 25 Wowcoins User 2 (who invited user 1) gets 12.5 Wowcoins User 3 (who invited user 2) gets 6.25 Wowcoins User 4 (who invited user 3) gets 3.125 Wowcoins User 5 (who invited user 4) gets 1.5625 Wowcoins User 6 (who invited user 5) gets 0.78125 Wowcoins User 7 (who invited user 6) gets 0.390625 Wowcoins User 8 (who invited user 7) gets 0.1953125 Wowcoins The remaining 0.1953125 goes probably to WowApp itself.
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