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    This is a handy tip for everyone who wants to grow their network: There is a quite hidden option in your WowApp Personal Page customization page where you can set "Allow everyone to join your network". It is at the very bottom of this page: By setting this to 'yes' you will be featured on the WowApp website and other people can join your network using your personal page. The official explanation for this feature: When you agree to allow anyone to join your WowApp network, your Personal Page can* be featured on the public Join WowApp page. This way you can easily increase your network and boost your earning potential, while making new friends, too! *For your page to be featured on the public page after enabling this option keep in mind that you also need to have a custom profile picture set for your Personal Page and that you must be a daily active WowApp user. We'll feature your page to users in your set location who want to get invited to WowApp. Tip to increase your network, official video:
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    Amazing tips are given in this thread to grow the network. By applying this tips we can easily reach to large numbers of audience.