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How People Are Faking Their Earnings

Tom Peace


I have found a video which explains how people are faking their earnings on tsu. Please be aware of this, because not everything you see is true. Some people just want to make hoax or be a 'Rock Star' for a few minutes. If you want to know the truth about someones earnings, he should show you either check or a screencast video of their tsu account.

Screencast or a video is very hard to fake.


If you want to find real people who earn real money, see this forum.


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wow. imagine that would be a glitch with real consequences. Woohoo, good bye humanity. The maority would go crazy


yes, that is not nice, but for example graphs or videos can't be faked so easily. So its just good that all people will be aware of this. Then they can be more cautious. 

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Just to set expectations, on my @TsuFanZine account, I maxed out at around 30k views per day with a reach of 20k people.  Top earnings was $2.31 per day..


This is NOT a get rich scheme!

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