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blog-0631785001424690945.pngTsu is a popular and uprising new social network site. It is a lot like Facebook with one main difference instead of keeping the revenue you make from your posts you get to keep 90% of it. And if you invite friends you even make a percentage out of what they make too. It is free to join but you have to be invited

You can sign up https://www.tsu.co/fowzia


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On 1. 5. 2015, TsuFanZine said:

What are your recommendations for making real money?  I'm very keen to make enough money to pay all my living expenses on an on-going basis.



my recommendation is to keep going and it will add up over time. Being original and authentic helps a lot, too. Tsu should be mainly fun for people, then the rest will come imho.

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They only ways to make 'real' money are to have a massive loyal following or a big network with some very popular people. The former takes a lot of work and the latter requires good connections. Someone like Kevin Hinkle has made thousands of dollars in the last year, but he's put in a lot of work for that. If Tsu can grow to hundreds of millions then some of us who got in early should do well from our networks. I'll be happy if I can make a few dollars each day.

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