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The top tsu users

Tom Peace


Here I will share the best users on tsu. At first, I will create the list of the most followed and affluent people on tsu. Then, you can always comment with your ideas and we can improve this list. I don't want to make the list ordered by numbers. I think it can be confusing, so I just will place the people in order that comes on my mind. It doesn't represent the true position or popularity of the users. Keep that in mind.

List of the biggest tsu users:

Any Other Ideas?

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I think these are two different lists - one is the most number of followers - which for a time www.toptsu.com was listing (which included my other account @tsufanzine)...  I'm not sure why it hasn't updated since 15th Jan, but there could be all sorts of reasons.  As I'm rebuilding, I'll hope to join this biggest list.


If you are looking for the best users, I think https://www.tsu.co/dexterroona should be added to the list 

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