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Here I go to show you two moneymaking web site who does not need initial taxes for starting them. Also withdraws are possible with the minimum of $2 or $3.

1. https://trafficmonsoon.com/?ref=pan26

The first link connects you in a PTC(paid-to-click) platform.

- You get a few ads that if you view for 10-20-30-60 seconds (depends on the ad campaign) you get a few amount of profit.

- You can exchange your traffic views for others traffic view 1:2. That means that you can advertises your link how much you want and how much credits you have. When you view 2 other users ad you get 1 credit. With this 1 credit you can get 1 unique view of your promoted link. It is kind of endless surfing for surfing.

- Trafficmonsoon is https security site, but of course when you start surfing take care like any other PTC.

- You get 50% commission from your direct referrals.

- Minimum withdraw $2 possible the maxim of a week. I made more for that time but I have many friends.

I do not like commission like this and that is why I did not register on this site at the first time I saw it. It is not fair such as referral commission but this site for me is professionally directed and managed. And the idea traffic for traffic is great. Also I think it is expensive 1:2, I think it should be 1:1.5

2. https://www.paidverts.com/ref/pan26 + https://www.mytrafficvalue.com/ref/pan26 = my favorite online business

Here the most interesting thing is that this both sites at point 2 are connected with common bankroll account. You can log in with the same e-mail and password. So you need to register only in 1 of these links.

- PaidVerts is a PTC. You have to start by watching paid ads for BAPs (bonus advertising points). 2000 = $1 . You collect BAPs and reach higher BAPs group. Each group give you the opportunity to recive higher paid ads.

- Mytrafficvalue is the platform where you can sell/buy shares of paidverts. You can also sell shares for BAPs which is a great deal.

- There are many things that can be said about this both sites I will not describe everything because serious people find them alone for themselves. But of course if you register I will see your email on my referral list and will send you articles for great managing this both platforms.

- Referral commission 5% for PTC and 10% for purchasing ad campaign and others that are not so important you can look then in MTV.

- Minimum withdraw 3$ possible for about two weeks.

I hope all of you enjoy my blog. If I or you find some good sites like this where we do not have to waste our money for try I will published them as well.


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