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Sebastian Sobczak - the first good hearted business dude



A little someting i wrote about Sebastian and the differences to Facebook.

There are businessmen who aim for profit and i think this is the only reputation we knew from entrepreneurs until now...

and then there are businessmen with a heart.

Of course there are other visonairy and good hearted entrepreneurs to mention *cough* but man, Sebastian Sobczak (the leader) will make other network´s bosses look like greedy children.

The dynamic potential will soon take over and facebook will seam to us like the "nono area". Don´t go to facebook It´s a waste! Just share your tsu posts there. Instead come to tsu because no matter what you do - you are being productive, creative, you get in contact much better and faster, You are even helping Sebastian raise money to help others. How fantastic is that?!

On Facebook you get traffic easy on your fan page as long as you give Mark Zuckerberg some of your money. Otherwise he will keep you under the water so nobody sees you. Facebook is like a club with a VIP area. You only get in if you empty your wallet.

My point is that i've been blogging on Facebook on my page without paying for it about fitness and health for years and it had barely 400 likes and nothing much ever happened because Facebook keeps you away from any potential audience.

I've been on tsu for a couple of weeks now and i have blogged here and there but mostly... it was just getting in touch with the community and you know what?! YOU. GET. PAID FOR THAT! I am on a good road with tsu. We all are!

For me tsu is like going to the gym. You can not regret it.

So thank you #tsu, #tsuteam and #tsunation for a system that is based on sharing. Where everybody is a part of a whole rather than only invited to the party when the price is right

Come by, say hi :). Leave a comment and don´t forget to smile :D

All the best!


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