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People ask how to find the real deal everybody so much desires and the answer is simple:

By staying true to yourself. Look for love being authentic! Don´t play games to win somebody´s heart.

Show yourself the authentic way you are and introduce yourself with a smile.

The problem that stands in your way is simple too:

The road leading to that inner wonder is very rocky!

It takes years or even decades to find your match, your soulmate and on the way you might get frustrated, depressed, desperate, burned, shocked even traumatized and maybe you will be fed up looking for that one special person and you will think you are done with love because it hurts too much and you never want to be that sad and broken again.

I told myself that if i don´t keep trying there is no point of existing so i kept risking love. I told myself i won´t wait till somebody opens a door for me. Im the one opening the doors. I am making it happen. I don´t want to be scared. I want to jump right into the sauce of living no matter how dizzy it makes me.

After 31 years of looking i found her and i wouldn´t have found her if i didn´t experience the roller coaster of life before her.

Don´t give up and keep looking.

There are people out there just like you.


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where is the share button for tsu? ;).


That is something I will try to add in the future :) However it will certainly take some time...


to comment your post - I've been looking for a long time, too and once I found her, I knew she is the second part of my soul. I have experience with all you write here. And I totally agree with you.

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