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Bread for Bodybuilders





Try this bread alternative. Its very lowcarb, high in protein and healthy saturated fats.

1. Seperate the chosen amount of eggwhites from the yolk

2. whip the egg whites till they are stiff

3. Add the yolk and some low fat curd and mix them together

4. Form pancakes and place in oven till its golden

You´re done! Fast, easy and healthy :).

Want to know see more about healthy choices, visit my tsu profile :)



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I have great experience with Sunwarior - http://www.sunwarrior.com/. Plant based, 99% absorbtion, easily digestible, non GMO and RAW. 


With yours, there is a problem with digestibility - if you eat lot of them, you will probably feel tired, etc. Am I right?

I usually get tired right after i ate carbs. Are you according to the curd (dairy)? Teach me, im curious :)! The curd i use has about 4/100 grams of carbs. At least the one here in Germany

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In general, I'm not much a fan of any dairy or animal products, they are very badly digestible. The best absorption usually comes from plant based proteins - rice protein, pee protein, hemp protein, etc.


But it all goes to personal perference - if you want to look like Markus Ruhl, then you can eat a lot of animal proteins and such a stuff which is unfortunately bad your long term health. You will probably not live a long live because your digestive tract is overloaded. Your liver, kidneys, lymph, etc. will get tired and overused soon.


In contrast plant based proteins are much more natural for human body - there is also a big part of fiber which helps your digestive tract. All the nutrients are easily absorpable. You can also be a great bodybuilder on this diet. Just try to google about Patrik Baboumian (a guy from your country) or Jim Morris, 77 year old bodybuilder.

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I agree, my girl is vegetarian. I tried it and did it for 5 months without meat and i gained lots of weight. Im a carb sponge. As soon as i eat carbs. no matter how healthy they are, i gain weight instantly so i gave up on vegetarian only habits and i still try to not eat alot of meat but without a product that has no carbs i am not able to loose fat. 


I know Jim Morris, saw his inteview with Ric Drasin on Youtube and his photo shoots and website. Although ive been working out and studying nutritions for 20 years now, im still in the learning proccess.


I would also rather not eat something that had a soul once :( but my gut cant handle all the plants. Im running around like a methane baloon when eating plant based. I wonder how others, especially women do it without farting 24/7 :D


I don´t know Mr Baboumian yet. ill look him up and get back to you, thank you!

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