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Idea to invitation



When you find an interesting person, send a message similar to the


Replace the red field and optionally adjust the message.

Hey ______, _____ Here :)

I really love your _________name page_______ & wanted to thank you

for sharing such great content about the ___ideas page___.

You would make a killing on Tsu.

I searched for your page over

there & nothing came up.

I assume you don't have one yet.

Your TSU link

Tsu is a social media site that pays you

for your likes, comments & shares.

They just launched a little over a month ago

so its a great time to beat out all

your competition. Hurry, it's the talk of

the industry right now & millions

are leaving FB per day.

See for yourself below

Your TSU link

Great Brand

Love your Page...


Good luck calling and a lot of kids want!

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