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What to do if you got 5000 Friends and 5000 Followers?

There are 2 ways how to use TSU. You add to Friends everybody
You add to Friends only people in your life or neighbourhood
Are you using 1. way? Ok, so you will have many many Friends. Max. limit is 5000 Friends, later you get 5000 Followers. But what now? You have to know that if you have 5000 Friends, you actually dont use TSU like your Facebook or Twitter. We see many comapirsons between TSU and Facebook, but actually for what are these comaprison when we dont use TSU like Facebook? And in a fact, we cant acutally comapre TSU with Facebook, but with Twitter. The only way how to fix it is to set the new account, but remember, now dont add to Friends everyone but only people from your vicinity. Of course you can Invite everyone to TSU. And later when your TSU Friends are real Friends in your life, you realize that you can use the button under box for posts - Public or Friends. If you have 5000 Friends this button with "public" or "friends" is totally useless. At the end, create the new profile and use TSU like Facebook and the old account use like international account



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